Escape Artist Puppy who Won't Come Back for Food

In today's Q/A, we have a terrier puppy who loves to escape, but also won't come back for food if she does get out. So, we break this down into two different topics and address them both! 1. How to keep a dog from escaping 2. How to find what is reinforcing to a non-food hound The lesson is here: Also, in this video, Melissa is still crisis parenting in a pandemic while working from home:
We talk about how to search for Flirt Pole without stumbling down an unintended sex dungeon rabbit hole:

and we talk about how hunters bathe who in doe urine for hunting season actually might be onto something with dog training...

Ew. I know, but maybe it'll help you get your dog to come back to you if he or she escapes - not bathing in doe urine. I'm not a monster. I'm thinking just reasonable amount of doe urine ...maybe on a tug toy....if your dog is into it. Let's find out how all these string together, shall we? Because, I don't think dog training should just be fun. I think it should be funny. ***** If you have questions about living life with dogs, feel free to add them in the comments section here or feel free to contact me! Until next time!
- M3

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