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 Several weeks ago, I saw Dr. Nicholas Dodman present on separation anxiety at the Nine-Zero Hotel in Boston. It was such a lovely presentation (and I applied some of what was learned on Captain Love's separation sadness at departures). After the talk, my dear friend and colleague, Vivian, introduced me to the organizers of the event - Cold Noses Foundation. They seemed excited to hear about "Considerations for the City Dog" and invited me to present on the book!

 Suffice it to say, I'm really excited.

 I'm also a bit nervous.

But still totally, 100% excited.

 The presentation is on 6/21, downtown Boston. The tickets (like the tickets for Dr. Dodman) are $15.00 and all the money goes back to help Cold Noses Foundation set up spay/neuter programs & educational programs around the globe to prevent homeless pets - a huge part of what #HandsOnFirst is all about. Not only am I flattered to be given the privilege to speak, but I'm proud to be given the opportunity to have my talk give back to something I wholeheartedly support and have been publicly speaking about for the better part of the year:

 Here on DogCast Radio.
 Here with Don Hanson & Kate Dutra (part 1 & part 2 ).
 At Tufts Cummings School (for the veterinarian behavior club)
 At Massachusetts Vet Tech Association.
 Here is the webinar for the Pet Professional Guild.
And here for Raising Canine coming this October.

But this one - to get a platform in my home city to have the ticket sales go back to fixing the biggest issue I see in the training industry over the last decade? It's really, really incredible and I'm really looking forward to it.

If you are near Boston on 6/21, I'd love your support - come down to NineZero to see this presentation (which covers many of the topics in the book, including #HandsOnFirst). If you can't come, you can still make a huge difference. I'd really appreciate you'd tell your city-dog owning friends and pet professionals about this talk. It's really not about listening to me blab on about dogs. It's about starting to look at  environment as an impact on urban pups and what we can do to be better stewards for our city-dwelling canines. That, and you're supporting a pretty sweet cause: a group putting a dent in pet overpopulation problems in underfunded areas around the world. I think that's something we can all support.

And just in case you are curious: Yes, the hotel has a bar. It's on the second floor.


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