"Considerations" on DogCastRadio!

I'd have to say in all seriousness, my interview with Julie Hill of DogCastRadio (one of my favorite podcasts about life with dogs) is the highlight of writing this book, and my profession. We had a lovely conversation where I think we both learned interesting things that both the UK and the US are facing in terms of acquiring pet dogs.

In the UK, they have a program called #WheresMum - an attempt to educate potential owners about puppy mill scams where less-reputable breeding operations will sell puppies under the guise of "the mom died at birth. It's so sad. She needs you to save her." As you might guess, this poses many ethical problems of feeding into the puppy mill industry to well-intentioned dog owners who are trying to save dogs.

Over here, I'm trying to get #HandsOnFirst to take off - my attempt to educate potential dog owners to meet dogs (rescues or pure-bred puppies) and know what a reputable facility looks like. Trucking dogs outside of state lines is a huge problem here in MA (for more about this issue, see my presentation for the Massachusetts Veterinary Technicians Association). 

And then, at the very end, my 3-year-old figured out how to turn on the keyboard and amplifier to play her version of "outro music" which had all three of us in stitches.

Julie is a professional through-and-through, and I really wish we could have met in person to enjoy an appropriate beverage. She's lovely, funny, and really takes an interest in all things "dog," .... and cheeky-toddler!

So thank you, Julie, for the conversation and the opportunity! When you come Stateside, I owe you a beverage of your choice :)

Enjoy the interview (and the conversation about dogs and fireworks) right here. 

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