K9 Cops Weigh In On Staying Cool on CarTalk

When I first joined the +Car Talk blogging team, there was one piece I knew immediately that I'd want to write.

Thanks to a fantastic effort by local friends, the Taunton Police Department, my blogging partner Sip, and the CarTalk team, it's finally a reality! 

K9Blitz and his heat-safe ride (Image via Twitter: @TauntonPDK9)
Thank you to K9 Blitz, Patrolman Swartz, and the Taunton Police Department. 
Sure, we talk all the time about leaving dogs in hot cars and all the reasons it's a very bad, terrible, no good idea. However, there is a demographic that absolutely MUST leave their dogs in cars every day. How do K9 Officers keep their partners cool? How do they pimp out their rides? What is the cost of keeping a car cool (and safe!) enough for the 4-legged pups in blue?

Here is that piece.