Chapter List for "Considerations for the City Dog"

Some more big news!

Here is the CHAPTER LIST for the upcoming book for city dogs!

(Melissa Mullen of Melissa Mullen Photography

For any dog in the city, for any professional who needs to know HOW to refer a dog to another professional, for any student who needs help in the city with their dogs, this book will make you look at dogs and the pet-industry with new eyes. We have specific kinds of stress in the city, stress that just simply doesn't exist in quite the same fashion as in rural environments. That stress affects us, our dogs, and the way we treat problem behaviors. Urban dogs have been ignored for far too long, and it's time that a resource exists for city dog owners.

There is just 12 days left before this book is available. If you think that city dogs need a place on the book shelf, please feel free to share Considerations for the City Dog and tell your friends. You can pre-order the Kindle Version here!