Car Talk, Talkin' Dogs!

A few weeks ago, my friend Dr. Sip and I started a new adventure.

CAR TALK asked if we would be able to write about topics involving pets, travel and cars. (It's honestly hard not to be a fan-girl about this, but I'll try to keep it professional).

We accepted the challenge!

Here are the first three of our Blog Posts for Car Talk.

Belt Your Beast!
  Sip and I discuss why it's important to secure a pet in a moving vehicle.

Of Kennels and Crates 
  We continue our discussion about securing pets by address the pros and cons of crates, doggy-seat-belts, and barriers.

Driving Miss Fluffy
  Because we aren't in the line of discrimination, we talk about how/why to keep kitties safe, too! Have you heard of a "Cat Tube"? No? Then go here and it will change your life.

 If you have ideas for our Car Talk monthly discussion, please feel free to leave it here in the comments, or go HERE.

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