City Dogs Eating Things

Considerations for the City Dog is due out on June 1st. I was lucky enough to get submissions of photos for this project from all over the country and I wish I could have included all of them. As part of the countdown, I'm going to post some of the photos. Some made the cut, and others didn't. I wanted to tip my hat to all of the amazing dogs and handlers in some way, so even if the dogs didn't make it in the book, I wanted to show the world how great they are. I think all of the owners who submitted their dogs for consideration for Considerations are amazing owners who are doing everything they can to give their urban hound the best possible life. 

This is what this book is about. People and their dogs, in the city. 

I'm calling this segment "Dogs and Lunch." 

"Lulu" really wants a Dog-tini, but it's barely even noon.
(Photo submitted by Amy Cotter)

"Finders keepers, man. Finders, keepers. "
-Roger, the Aussie
(Photo submitted by Alan and Mariah Torpey of Somerville, MA)

Calliope "Callie" Mallon working for her dinner!
Photo submitted by Andy and Ken Mallon of Medford, MA.

This is my daughter, Aislyn. She is giving her favorite buddy, Bandit, his Kong. 
(Photo submitted by Maura Kennedy and Steve Turcott).

Considerations for the City Dog  is due out June 1st. Look for it on Amazon in e-Book and in print - and as always, thank you so very much to all the students who made this book possible by submitting photos of your wonderful dogs. This book and this project would not exist if it weren't for you. Thank you for sharing them with me.


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