Pro-Tip: Identification Tags

I was a dog trainer LOOOONG before I was a mom. I think that's critical to this story.

It breaks my heart whenever I see a lost stuffed animal, well-loved blanket, or toy with stickers all over it in my city. That indicates that somewhere, sometime in the likely near future, is a 1,2,3 or 4 year old child who is very, very, very sad. 

At least once a month on Facebook, I'll see an image circulating: 
"Have you seen my son's toy? It's his favorite. It looks like this and was last seen at the grocery store." 

"I found this on an airplane seat. I think a little girl left it behind. Can you share it? It looks well-loved and I'm sure she's missing her friend." 

It reminded me of the missing dog posters I see around my neighborhood. These toys are just as important to these kids as family pets are to the family. If you don't believe me, try to take my daughters favorite stuffed toy from her, even just to look at it. Utter panic, real emotion, actual tears. When she gets it back? Instant comfort. 

I had to bribe her to take Puppy for a photo session. 
"If I can borrow puppy, you can watch your show." 

I have been making dog leashes for my students for awhile now, and even tried to make a dog collar once, but couldn't figure out how to size it. Then it hit me: I could put a collar and identification tags on "Puppy," in the same way I tell my students to ALWAYS have a collar with identification on their dogs. As you can see in the photo above, Rohan my cat never goes outside, but even she has a tag with ID because you never know. One day she might slip out, or there might be a fire and she escapes. You never know. I'd rather be prepared for my pets. 

I feel that I should afford my kid the same comfort that if Puppy were lost, I did everything I could to make sure they would be reunited. So, I made Puppy a fancy, schmancy collar.

It's a little big, but it was my first try. 

Return to Aislyn 

Then, I made Puppy an ID tag. Ace and I went up the street to the pet store where she picked out Puppy's new tag. We made it an activity where she was part of the process. Now, if Puppy is ever lost in a grocery store, on a plane, or at the park, I can say that the dog "looks like this, has an orange braided collar, and a gold tag." If the toy is picked up and found, they can call the phone number on the tag, ask for Aislyn and say "I found Puppy!"

#DogTrainerMom  #Win  

I hope, just like with real pets, that we'll never need it, but if my pets, or if Puppy is ever missing, we have that safety net. 

What life hacks have you tried for your kids and dogs?