City Dogs!

I've been working on a book, Considerations for the City Dog,  which is due out on June 1st. I was lucky enough to get submissions of photos for this project from all over the country and I wish I could have included all of them. 

As part of the countdown, I'm going to put some of the photos that I really wanted to add, but for some reason couldn't include (too dark, resolution not up to par, similar to other photos in the book, etc). I think all of the owners who submitted their dogs for consideration for Considerations are amazing owners who are doing everything they can to give their urban hound the best possible life. 

This is what this book is about. People and their dogs, in the city. 

Nyla Bonz (owned by Amy Parker) and Murphy (owned by Jocelyn Fassett), both of Somerville, MA.
They are enjoying a beautiful day at Zero New Washington Dog Park, the newest park in my fair city!

Lilah stretching her legs around Boston, MA.
(Photo submitted by Torrie Dwyer)

Tara Slesar took this photo of her sheltie,"Siena," with the Boston skyline in the distance.
This is how I feel about the 2015 winter. "Go Away, Winter! Go AWAY!"

I'll continue posting more photos as we get closer to the June 1st date, but for now, I did want to reach out and say a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported this project and submitted photos for the book. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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