Melissa Mullen Photography

One of the cooler things to come out of writing Considerations, is that I met Melissa Mullen.

She's a photographer who donates her time at the animal shelter in Kennebunk, Maine. She takes photos of these dogs in the hopes that it helps them find their forever home.

She also knows a girl I went to high school with because it's Maine, and it's a small, small world!

Melissa has graciously donated some of her professional shots, including one of my former student, Bruce the Vizsla (owned by Maureen O'Connor) as well as pro shots of dogs waiting for their forever homes.

Property of Melissa Mullen Photography
Pyr at the Kennebunk Maine Animal Shelter
Photo by Melissa Mullen Photography

Property of Melissa Mullen Photography
Bruce with tie.
Bruce is owned by the O'Connor family in Charlestown, MA.
Photo credit to Melissa Mullen Photography

Melissa, I can't thank you enough!

Here are some of her shots, her photography page and a huge THANK YOU!

All photos taken by Melissa Mullen of Melissa Mullen photography. Don't reproduce without express permission from the photographer..