It's not about the Q

It's not about the fastest time, the highest jump, or the best score. In Agility, Rally Obedience, Disc, Nose Work, Flyball, Dock Diving, or other sports - it's about the relationship.

Remember that. Always.

 Click here to see a sweet dog running his last agility run. Three Pines Productions, LLC and 3PBN.TV 

Now that Sadie is gone, I do miss the sport of disc, but that's not the crux of it. 
I don't miss ribbons.  
I don't miss demos. 
I miss her and what we did together as a team. 

The sports we were involved with were a means to build a relationship. I'll have another dog someday to do but I'll never have Sadie back. That's what I miss. 

Good dog, Lakoda. Good dog.