This is awesome.

I'm over Kickstarter for so many reasons but every now and again a project catches my eye. However, this one slipped through the cracks and I do love this particular little app-to-be. Yes, I'm biased - my friend Michelle is the brainchild, but I promise, it's not why I love it.


I love it because this will help all dog owners find dog friendly EVERYTHING! Hiking, dog friendly hotels, restaurants, good trainers, good vets, and encourages people to get active with their dogs. I love everything about it, including the owner. 

 Even if you can't contribute, think of every time you have left home with your dog and needed to find a dog run, or a vet. Think of that time you moved across the country and needed an "in" for a dog walker or find the quietest hiking trails. If this is you, then all I'm asking is that you share this. Contribute if you like, because that's the best way to help, but at the very least share this so more people know about this app for local dogs and traveling mutts alike. 

Even Boston Magazine agrees, which is really pretty sweet. 

 Either way, get outside and love life with your dog! 


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