It's Nice To Have A Pup In The House Again

We are dog sitting my friend Ollie for the weekend. It's the first time we've had a dog in the home since the passing of Sadie in August. It's actually really nice, but there are a few things to adjust to.

You may remember seeing Ollie before. We demo disc in the area. She's the only flying Boston terrier I've ever met. She's a Border collie in a Boston terrier body. If you don't believe me, she was even highlighted as my teammate in PBS's Design Squad a few months ago.

Pro: All of our dishes have been pre-rinsed before the dishwasher.
Con: We haven't seen our cats in 26 hours.
Oh, wait. There they are. If you look carefully, there are two up there.

Pro: Super warm feet at night. She's a snuggler - she crawls under all the blankets, and lays on my feet. Plus, if she farts, we can't smell it. Double bonus!

Con: She's so cold. Poor thing. It was -20 degrees the last few days in good ol' Boston. She was cold because as a Boston terrier, she has ZERO insulation.

I wanted to  help.
I found our greyhounds old snood. 
It was a little large.

I'm not sure if Ollie is really pissed off, or if that's just her face.

It made me think of this gem, which we can all relate to.

#BostonTerrierProblems #UnderbiteOfAwesome #FaceOfSadness

Stay warm everyone. Spring will come.....someday.


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