Photo Submissions for "Considerations for the City Dog"

Hi everyone!

Dogwise conducted a poll at APDT in 2012, and it turns out, there is a need for books focusing on urban dogs specifically. Conveniently enough, I also noticed a need for books for urban dog owners and wrote an inclusive book addressing the topics that are absent from the bookshelf.

With the book coming out soon, I'm now looking for photos of my students dogs, or urban dogs in general, to include in the final 206 page manuscript. I'm really excited about this!

If you have photos of your dogs in the city, forlornly looking outside waiting for someone to come home, enjoying city life, wearing a head collar or other type of walking equipment, running off leash, playing disc, dock diving, flyball, CGC testing, playing with a playgroup or outside on a dog walk...you know, all the things that you do daily with your dogs, I'm taking submissions until February 15th!
Put your name, your dogs name, breed if known, age of dog, activity and town and email it to MuttStuff (at) Gmail (daht) com

I can't chose every photo, but I'm just looking to add some things to make it more interesting - and not all Sadie, Zeppelin and Lyric! This started off as a book for the community, and now I"m looking for the community to be a part of it! 

If your photo is selected, I'll let you know by March 15th.

Here are some links to the book previews so far. Keep in mind that these are just rough drafts and not edited with the fine-tooth comb they are subject to for publication.

Breeder v. Rescue (Chapter 2 Excerpt) 

Lastly, if anyone has a GOOD photo of a prong collar and a choke chain, I need to replace the photos that I have in the walking equipment chapter. They were place holders but with this going out soon, I want to make sure everything is on the up-and-up. Of course, photo credit where photo credit is due. I'm still a staunch advocate against the use of prongs and chokes, but do state in the book that people can use these tools effectively and with great results if they know what they are doing and how they are using the tool. I work at a club where some of our competition students use prong collars - their dogs are happy and are working hard, but the handlers are also using a lot of positive reinforcement techniques. So if you submit photos of prongs and chokes, know that I'm not an advocate, but I do try to talk about them in a way that helps people make an informed decision about the use of the devices.  
Thanks so much, Team MuttStuff. Feel free to share so urban dogs can finally be represented in dog owner books.
If you want to stay updated on the book specifically (when it comes out, the photos that were selected, etc) you can get an email every time a new post comes out, follow me on Twitter (MuttStuff) or on Facebook (search for MuttStuff). I'm looking to get a mail list going so if you'd like to be included, drop me a note and I'll add you to the list (no spam here - just book  and blog updates! I promise!) If you submit a photo, I'll add you to the email list so you can follow the book!

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