Holiday Hazards for Your Pet

If you have a dog (or cat! MuttStuff doesn't discriminate!) there is an excellent article written by Sofia Yin regarding pets, holidays and how to cope. Everything from when to tell if it's a serious situation that a vet should examine or if it's something that can be handled at home, it's a must read if you have pets, or will be having pets over, this holiday season.

Of course, not everything is a situation -sometimes you get a funny story out of it. The first year we had our greyhound, he peed on the tree. He must have thought we set up "indoor plumbing" just for him. However, it's good to read, take inventory of what potential hazards are around for your pet(s), and be aware.

Sophia Yin:Holiday Hazards for Your Pet,

Be safe, and happy, this Holiday Season!