Winter Paws

It's a good idea to bathe your pups feet after an adventure outside in the winter, especially if Fido has been on salted roads or sidewalks. Salt that is used on sidewalks can be irritating to dogs feet, and if they play with other dogs, the salt can be transfered to another dogs body or face. It's a good idea to wipe your dogs paws with a towel once you get home, or with Baby Wipes (they are cheaper and not as "perfumy" as doggie wipes) to prevent this type of irritation to their paws. Some dogs have extremely sensitive feet (the Editor In Chief is a prime example). If your dog has this type of issue, wax made for their feet can prove quite helpful.

Remember, your dogs feet are the only place they can sweat, and by design, they have very little fur to protect this area. It's up to us to make sure salt and other things don't get in there - so always wipe their feet once you come in from an adventure outside, especially after a hike or in the winter.