Doggie News for Boston Dogs

I would like to let you all know about two great things happening in the Boston Area for February, 2008:

1. Dilys Burke, a long time trainer/behaviorist/groomer and good friend of Zen Dog, is opening a store in Somerville's Union Square called Dogma (and Catma, too). It's near Sally O'Briens and PA's Lounge, for those familiar with the layout of Union Square. She will be offering self-do doggie baths-perfect for those who take their dogs to the Nunziato Dog Park just a few blocks away-, healthy food, durable toys, treats,and walking devices. We at ZD are very excited for Dilys and her new store- so much so that we will be offering ZD classes at her new location! Stay tuned for the grand opening slated for February 23rd!

2. Also, Gordon Fontaine, owner and chief trainer at ZD is giving a talk at Harvard University on Friday, 1pm. Once I get the details, I will post here. Sadie will be attending as a demonstration animal while Gordon discusses training, learning behavior, and other interesting discussion points.

Figures- my DOG can get into Harvard...I ended up in Ohio for school :)

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