Dogma (and Catma, too!)

Dilys finally opened Dogma today! Feel free to check out the official website: DogmaCatmaToo.com

I am so very excited for her new store. She has plenty of humane walking aids for the pulling dog, all natural toys for dogs and cats, Planet Dog toys (really excellent company that produces durable toys from recycled materials), and my favorite for the households with Felines: Laser pointers. Seriously- my cats have never been so excited or energetic over a toy before. This little red light literally had one of the cats running up the wall as high as the light switch. There will be video of this later.

Dogma will have self-do bathing, training by Zen Dog (where I will be teaching Tuesdays and Thursdays- I think I'm still teaching at Crate Escape on Sundays), and doggie daycare in the near future.

The place was packed solid today, which was the Grand Opening. Do stop by if you're in the Cambridge/Boston/Somerville area. It's a great store, a perfect location, and by far the most complete "all things dog and cat" place I've seen in Boston. She also does a better job of conjoining multiple business-ideas-into-one-location than I've seen in a very long time.

So congratulations, Dilys and "Dogma, and Catma, too!". I have a feeling you will have great success in Union Square. Somerville has needed this for a very long time.