Hello fellow muttsters-

I'm helping Dilys Burke out with the website portion of her new business- "Dogma (and Catma, too)". It's a new unique boutique for pets- featuring self-do bathing, treats, all natural foods, interactive toys, training (by Zen Dog Training), etc. Basically, an all in one pet store in Union Square, and everyone is super excited for it's grand opening.

That being said, I have emailed several of my previous students about getting photos of their pups. Many responded, but I'd like to open the submissions up to you, the Boston Viewers. If you would like the chance to have your favorite quadriped on the Dogma website, please feel free to post a copy of it in the comment section. I've never tried to post a picture, so I'm not sure how possible it is. If it's not possible, leave a comment anyway, and I'll find a way to get the photos. I need your pets name/breed/age, and city of residence.

For now, Dogma's Website, though under construction, will be up soon- before the Grand Opening on the 23rd.