Beating The Heat!

It's hot out! There is a predicted high of 90 (f). Captain doesn't do well with heat, so instead of taking 3 walkies today, we are planning ahead. We got up a little early, went in a longer route so he could get the same amount of outside time despite missing a midday walk for to heat, and we stumbled across this! Now, you might see flats.

Not me. I see a nosework game, a mentally stimulative activity, exercise, focus and a way to tire out Captain!

I've started a YouTube channel in the hopes of helping my students find new ways to keep working with their dogs during the pandemic. I'll put some of those here and share in this way. I hope this (and some other videos!) will give you some inspiration during these trying times (and beyond!) If you try this with your pet, let me know! I'd love to see you (and your dogs!) working hard!


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