Our 48 Hours as Pitbull Owners

If you read anything I've ever written, please let it be this.

We need to talk about the real families that are affected by #BSL (breed specific legislation) and breed discrimination. Though we weren't looking for a Pitbull, we ended up with one and had to return her after 48 hours.

I wrote about the unfairness of BSL in the very first chapter of Considerations for the City Dog, but this was the first time we had first hand experience with it. I was able to document our story - a story that is very common - over at 2 Dog Treats.

If you adopt Jasmine at the ARL, she knows sit, drop it, and come.
She pulls like an ox, but is sensitive. Use a Freedom Harness (sz. M).

Please share the 2 Dogs Treats post, and support banning breed specific legislation.

Help us reach out to the insurance companies that will drop home owners insurance if a "Pitbull" (or mix) is on the premises.

Please share this so families with well adjusted dogs of any kind (bully or otherwise) can adopt children without having to give up their dogs first (a lawyer friend told me of that being an actual, horrible, real-life thing).

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