It's alive...ALIVE!!!!

Today is the day! Considerations for the City Dog is now live!

For now, the hard copy (paperback!) is available through CreateSpace  and with one-click on Amazon. There does seem to be a small glitch in Amazon where the Kindle version doesn't link to the hard copy, but the hard copy links to the Kindle version, but I will alert Amazon today.

If e-Books are more your style, Considerations is available for Kindle and the Kindle App (free app on iPad and Android tablets!) by clicking here. I'm working on a Nook version.

The e-Book has clickable links for fitting martingale collars, dozens of clickable resources, as well as YouTube videos for finding trainers, behaviorists, and veterinary behavior specialists. The photos are bigger and in full color in the e-Book version...but the physical book is a physical book.

Whatever your preferences, Considerations promises to help dog owners in urban environments navigate the new normal of living in cities with high-drive dog breeds or sensitive rescue dogs from around the globe.

If you read this book, please share your opinions of Considerations for the City Dog in Amazon, Goodreads and CreateSpace to help me get this book in the hands of urban dog owners around the country. Also, please consider sharing on the social media platform of your liking!

Thanks for the support. This book is for all my students and their dogs. Without them, Considerations would not exist.

- M3
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