Looking for Photos for "Considerations for the City Dog" Book

Hey guys!

With your help, I got almost 200 photo submissions! I'm totally and completely floored by that number. I thought I'd get 30, max. The photos came as far as Washington State and California and as locally as my own back yard. This truly is wonderful and I can't wait to share all of these urban dogs with the world.

With that said, there are still a few holes in the book that need to be filled so I'm reaching out for a few specific shots.

  • Photos of dogs walking in head collars and harnesses.
  • Photos of dogs up to typical antics to drive us nuts (chewing our stuff, jumping on people, pooping in the living room....
  • Dogs using a variety of puzzle toys and other types of mental stimulation (finding something, in a dog training class, working for a CGC, using their brain to accomplish a task) 
  • Dock Diving Dogs 
  • Flyball
  • Earth Dog

If you have any of these things, I'd love to include them in the book! As always, thanks so much!