Salon: In Defense Of The Pit Bull

A few weeks ago, I wrote a letter to Mayor Menino of Boston, and had written similar emails to my state senator (Jehlen) and the author of Breed Specific Legislation supported by Menino, State Senator Mike Rush. Of the three, I have only heard back from Senator Jehlen, who was instrumental in striking down BSL in the state a few months ago. Now, due to comments by Menino and legislation posted by Senator Rush, it's a hot button topic in Massachusetts all over again.

All of my ramblings to the Senators and the Mayor of Boston can basically can be summed up perfectly by Joshua Holland, and can be found here.

In response to the video of Menino's comments, I'd like to know why there was a loose dog, who the dog belonged to, and what/if the boy was doing anything to instigate the dog. The boy (luckily) wasn't seriously hurt, which leads me to think that there is more to this story.

Instead of banning a breed, I like the idea of Doggy Court (which has been employed in California) where dog owners can state their case. Seriously dangerous dogs can be euthanized, while other dogs can be instructed to wear a muzzle when out, get training, and contained when company is over. Owners get tickets and pay fines for failure to comply with existing laws. The problem is we have laws that aren't being enforced, and the idea of Animal Court can certainly address that issue.

It seems to me the dog was off leash, or escaped. Being able to recall the dog, or not have it off leash to begin with would have saved both the boy and the cat in the story above, so this is a leash law issue or a training issue - not a breed issue.

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