Free Event @ Magical Mutt: Understanding Dog Play

Yoinked from the Magical Mutt website:

EVENT: Dog Play Video Many of you have asked about understanding dog play better. Come join us on Sunday February 12th at 7:00 pm to watch some video and discuss dog play. Send an email to magic@magicalmutt.com if you wish to attend.

It's free to the public, and there will be snacks for humans. Please leave Fido at home for this event, but bring lots of questions regarding what's normal, and what's not, when it comes to Dog Play!

Great seminar for those who attend dog parks, and aren't sure what's normal play behavior. Is your dog being bullied at the park? Is your dog the bully? Is growling normal during play? Come and find out!

For the requisite gratuitous cute, here is a link/video of what playing in a dog park looks like, from a dogs perspective.


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