Getting Married - Blog On Hiatus For 1 Month

Hi Faithful Readers - and those who just popped by!

For those who don't know, I'm getting married in a couple of weeks


For those who have been married before, you understand that there is a TON to do between now and then! So, as not to leave you high and dry, here are a couple of things to note before I take off for few weeks. I'll be back in October, hopefully with lots of photos from working Border Collies in Ireland!

I'm hoping to actually see these guys - even though they're technically in Wales.

So to keep you busy for the next few weeks, here are some important things to look at, or things for fun. Also, a couple of training links in case you need some brush ups.

Smashing little number for a chill dog in a wedding

Dogs and Weddings - Do They Mix? : A few months ago, when we got engaged, I wrote this little number. I found out there weren't a lot of points of view from a trainers perspective on having dogs in a ceremony or at a reception. If you're considering having your dog as part of your special day, please read! It was a lot of fun to write!

The 2nd Annual Somerville Dog Festival will be coming to Conway Park on September 18th! It's free, it's fun, and we'll be bigger/better than last year! I'll be manning the Frisbee area with some friends of mine. Come on by, say hi - even if you're not from Somerville! Bring your friendly dog, your kids, and your family to the festival and say goodbye to the Dog Days of Summer in style!

Come! It's Free and FUN!

Do you have a hard time getting your dog in the bathtub or handling your dog? There will be a Body Handling Seminar at Magical Mutt / City Dog on September 16th.  If you have a dog that is sensitive to touch, or has a hard time being handled, cutting nails, checking ears, or just getting a leash on your dog, this is a great one day class for you. Doreen is an amazing instructor, and it will be a very informative session.

There is also a Stop Jumping Class being offered on October 9th. I love teaching this class! It's all about impulse control, finding appropriate outlets for jumping, and it's only 3 weeks long.

This is our outlet. It doesn't have to be yours. We'll find something for your Mexican Jumping Bean of a dog!

If you have ideas for posts that you'd like to see, or things that will be helpful for you or the community, we can take this opportunity to have your voice be heard! Put your suggestions in the comments section below. If you have a favorite place to take your dog, favorite groomer in the area, favorite new trick to teach, or free event with your pooch, let me know about it! Leave a comment or email me (muttstuff AT gmail DOT com!) I love mail!

So have a GREAT September, and I'll see you all back in October!


  1. We'll miss the blog, but enjoy your wedding and honeymoon in Ireland, Melissa!! Hope you have a blast! :)
    -Mariah, Alan & Roger

  2. Nice post.I like the way you start and then conclude your thoughts. Thanks for this information .I really appreciate your work, keep it up