Spring has Sprung!

With the excitement of spring, many people are looking to their garden. We live in the city, and even our teeny deck is an urban garden complete with tomatoes, peas, herbs and flowers. It's important to know what plants are toxic to dogs, and what plants are safe. If you have indoor plants and indoor cats, it's doubly important to know what plants are safe for your pet.

Easter Lily
Easter Lily: Easter lilies are non-toxic to dogs but are very toxic to cats. With the Easter season, keep in mind if you have indoor cats, to maybe hang your lily from the ceiling or put in a place where your cat can not get to this tempting plant.

Calla Lily

Calla Lily: The Calla Lily is a popular plant to spruce up a garden or as part of a floral arrangement. This is a toxic plant to both dogs, and cats. 


Daffodil: This one surprised me - Everyone has daffodils, and this is one plant I just didn't know was toxic to both dogs and cats.

Geranium: 1st, I'd like to say my geraniums never look this nice.

2nd: This hardy plant that is common in the Northeast (probably because they are pretty hard to kill) is toxic to dogs and cats.


Tulip This popular flower for arrangements and for gardens is toxic to dogs and cats.

Hops, pre- beer.

Hops: We just started brewing our own beer a few weeks ago (haven't tasted the results yet), but there was an alarming warning on the brew kit. Apparently, a dog had helped himself to the cooked hops, and had a seizure, so now they put this warning on the brew kits. Turns out, hops is toxic to dogs, and it's not clear what the toxic component is. There is no data (that I have found, including the ASPCA site) on toxicity of hops in cats.

If you suspect your dog has ingested any plant and your not sure on the toxicity, or if your pet has ingested anything poisonous, contact your vet first if they are open, a 24 hour animal hospital, or if the Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435. Check the ASPCA website on Plant Toxicity if you want to make your  garden safe for your pet, or just to check if a particular plant, vegetable or nut is safe for your 4 legged friend.

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