APDT Atlanta!

So I'm at the APDT conference in Atlanta, and aside from eating WAY too much food court food, I've been learning a ton about dogs, dog behavior, and people behavior. There is old adage: If you get three trainers together, the only thing they will agree on is what a 4th trainer is doing wrong. So far, I've found nothing further from the truth. There are at least a couple thousand people here, and I'm so impressed with how amazing everyone has been, the ideas that have been exchanged, and the information being passed along. Plus, I'm really digging Atlanta, and bought WAY too much stuff at the trade show.

There is a ton of new science out in regards to how animals (especially dogs) read human body language, and much of what we learned before seems a bit off the mark. I don't have a ton of time to hash it all out, but I would like to direct your attention to Dr. Clive Wynne out of the University of Florida. He runs the Canine Cognition Lab, which seems a bit more involved than the one at Harvard. Click Here for his info on Canine Cognition and Behavior. His research is impressive, fascinating, and he has an incredible take on things.

Check it out, more later from ATL.