If you're in the Union Square, Somerville area, there is a new dog boutique around the corner from Nunziato Park.

This used to be Dogma, where it didn't get off the ground. Then it switched hands to Diggity Dog (where a crazy lady ran it into the ground). Now a business savvy gentleman by the name of Peter is at the helm. It's repainted, renovated, cleaned up, and restored.

The love of cats was lost in the switch from Dogma to Diggity, but has come back with Riverdog. Cat toys and cat nip for the feline friends of Riverdogs.

There is quality food, a daycare (with toys and structures for the dogs to enjoy) in the back, and self-do bathing which is located privately upstairs. There is now a separate room for dogs to enter and exit (so there won't be any dogs that escape), and a window for owners to watch their dogs play with their pals.

I really like the toy selection. I just bought two giant tennis balls that Sadie can't pick up with her mouth, and a jolly ball. I also got 12" bully sticks for $4.79 - which is about what other places charge for a 6" bully.

This place is definitely a go-to. The owner is reaching out to the community and make it a place for all dogs (and their humans)and I am really happy to see a place in Union Square that is welcoming to all....again.

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