Cars and Dogs

I just went out yesterday to replace and old friend. An old friend that has been trusty, but wasn't holding up like she used to, and I thought every time my old friend and I hung out, I'd could potentially end up broken down.

I'm talking, of course, about my little S10 Truck.

That truck moved me from Ohio to Maine, from Maine to Boston, and multiple other people in different locations. It's hauled trees and dirt, bookcases, and dogs.

The more dog training I've been doing, and the more dogs I've been moving around the city, the more clear it became that this little truck just wasn't practical anymore. Plus, it just didn't feel safe to really drive anymore.

I ended up getting a new Jeep Compass - a more gas efficient jeep, with some great dog-friendly features (such as folding down seats that make a huge floor which is essentially 2/3's of the cabin & a hatchback type door that allows for easy access for dogs getting in and out).

While doing some research on cars and dogs, I came across this weeks episode of The Dog Trainers Quick And Dirty Tips - and you guessed it: it's all about cars and dog-safety.

Give it a listen, or read the transcript. I learned quite a bit, and will be changing my transportation habits immediately.

Safe Car Travel For Dogs