Loyalty = Dog

Here are a few news stories and videos (2 from this week) regarding the undying loyalty of dogs.

A German Shepherd in Alaska was sent to find help after his owners house started to burn. The cops in the area could not see the smoke due to the tree line, and the GPS failed. The cop turned around per the directions from dispatch when he caught the dog in the headlights. The GSD led the police through the woods down back roads to the burning house.

A Golden Retriever stays by his deceased owner for a week. An 81 year old man with dementia left his house and in pursuit, was his faithful dog. After several days of searching, there was a sighting - but family/police could not locate the pair. When family checked by the creek, they found the dog, standing vigilant over her deceased owners body, protecting it from predators.

Is a video about a Rottweiller, and a surprising story of heartbreaking loyalty.

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