When you live in a city, making sure your dog stays quiet for the sake of your neighbors (or in our case, landlords) is of utmost importance. It makes for a happier community, and a better personal living environment for you, your neighbors, and your pets.

But all too often, our dogs start barking, seemingly out of nowhere. Many times the bark can be attributed to a territorial statement, a cry for attention, fear, separation anxiety, or frustration due to lack of exercise. Once you identify the reason for the bark, it's much easier to treat.

To treat a bark that has its root in fear with the techniques used for demand barking will only exacerbate the barking because the root cause would lay unaddressed. Sadly, many dogs bark out of fear, and because they sound vicious, the root cause is never truly addressed.

Call a professional, document when your dog barks, and be patient! Barking takes a lot of work, but with persistence and the right plan of attack, it can be managed.

There is a link on the right titled "Humane Society:Barking Prevention" to help you get started.