First Dog Bites Reporter

Barney, the current "First Dog" is not above the laws of all things dog.

In this video, you'll see first hand why you should NEVER touch a dog that you don't know, that looks at all apprehensive, that hasn't had the chance to check you out first.

Notice in the video, first the dog starts to turn, then the leash gets tight around the dogs neck - indicating to the dog that he should be stressed while preventing the dog a way out. Lastly, the reporter continues to reach over the top of the dogs head. The dog could only fight or flight, and since the leash was tight and he had no where to go- he bit the reporter.

Patting an unknown dog on the head is the equivalent of a human walking up to a stranger and giving a noogie - or worse - a smooch right on the lips! Especially when the dog is getting every signal from the handler to be stressed out (tight leash, panic). Patting a dog on the head is a common thing to do to a dog that you know, but please read dogs body language, go slowly when approaching an unknown dog, and lastly, make sure the dog checks YOU out first. It's only polite!

1 comment:

  1. Oh poor little Barney is now going to get a bad rap. :( Hopefully your tips help and people become more observant.

    I am excited to see what the Obama family chooses for their First Dog.