New Show

There is a new show that I just discovered this morning. It's called "Dogtown" and it's on the National Geographic Channel.

Click Here for website

It's an interesting show documenting the lives of homeless dogs that have been given up on by everyone- except the vets and trainers of Dogtown. They have the adoptable puppy neighborhood, the aggressive dog neighborhood, the shy dog 'hood, etc. Most of these dogs have been given up because of medical issues the owners couldn't afford or deal with, aggression beyond trainability, or have been found on the streets/dumpster/backyard. These vets, trainers and care givers dedicate their lives to finding homes for these "mis-fit" dogs.

The show I watched today made me tear up- and they give updates about each of the showcased dogs at the end of each episode. It's really quite wonderful.

Tune in to Dogtown. You'll learn a lot about health, training and it will make you feel something for these dogs. In a way, it reminded me of the Land Of Misfit Toys from Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.

It made me want to dedicate part of the spring or summer out there. I don't know- perhaps I can convince the boy to watch the animals for a week in the spring while I go play in the desert :)