Top Ten Dog Toys

Here is a link to Dogtime's Top 10 Dog Toys for Christmas

There are some really good ideas from top behaviorists, trainers, and people in the dog industry. All are great ideas- I can attest to the Hide-a-squirrel, Kong Wubba and the Frostbite Disk.

It's an honor to have my name on a list with Ian Dunbar (THE guy in positive reinforcement training).


  1. We're glad you had luck with the hide away squirrel thing. I am not sure it is husky proof. Kana ripped it apart and shredded the little squirrels within a day. Kana's favorite toys are the squeaker penguins and balls. Amici's are: kong, ball that you can put things in and treats roll out of it, and the other ball that looks similar to that of a bunch of elastics put together...except that it has holes too so you can put food in there as well. Amici does love stuffies but usually tears them into shreds within the day he receives it. :)

  2. the hide a squirrel is indeed not very "chewie" friendly. it's a great toy for little dogs, or non-violent chewers. i have yet to meet the husky that is not programmed to destroy a toy in 20 seconds.

    dad used to give the dogsled team cattle hooves and bones- they would destroy them in minutes, where most other dogs could savor the experience for a few days.

  3. Our Augie made HIS hide-a-squirrel wheelchair accessible (sounds much nicer than "ripped it open in 3 places" don't you think?)