Intro to Disc Dogs!

Sports ebb and flow. And one of the things that I find interesting is that Disc Dogs is one of those sports that, for beginners, seems to get hot for a minute and then fades away a bit, but then comes back. I should say, this is true in my area and only really for beginners. In higher-level competition, that is ALWAYS hot.

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Keep in mind, not every dog is going to be into this sport.

We must be on an upswing as I've had a few inquiries about disc dogs in the last few weeks, and in a Facebook group I recently joined, we were talking about sports and inclusion, access to canine sports in particular.
One member noticed I did disc dogs, and I decided now would be a good a time as any to put a couple of feeler videos out for disc --- BUT The caveat is that I don't have a disc dog anymore. Sadie passed away in 2014 and now her memory resides in how I teach and I'm reminded of her when I see the ink on my right arm. Captain is SO not a disc dog. Not at all.
However, I can still teach the first couple of lessons - how to pick a disc, see if your dog is into the sport, resources and how to throw a roller. That's easy enough! The rest of the stuff I'm going to happily hand over to my assistant, Nic! He's the guardian of a beautiful one-eyed dog named B'Elanna and together they will go through the more technical aspects of disc, throws, skills, and more. So watch here, get started, and then bounce over to Nic's channel as soon as he gets it up and running!

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What it feels like playing disc without a disc dog on these videos

In the meantime, there are other resources for you if you wanted to get started:

So get out and play with your dog! 

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