Dog Ownership Influencing Home Buying Trends?

Hi, everyone! 

Coming up for air on this very, very cold week to share a blurb on the news. A few weeks ago, a film crew came over to interview me about a survey about homebuying trends and what dog owners are looking for in homes. As someone who has been looking for a home as well as someone who sees people transition from apartments to condos or houses with their pets, I was thrilled to be able to offer some input. 

 Since it's a fluffier piece, the hour of footage taped was boiled down to two quick lines, and it turns out, not only does the camera make someone look taller, apparently it makes them look blonder, too, but it was really fun to do and I'm so glad I was asked to participate. 

 So, I ask you: What did you wish you knew about buying a home prior to moving with Fido? What amenities were absolute must-haves if you moved with your pet(s) in the last few years and what things do you know wish you had to make your pets' lives easier?

 Asking for a friend :)

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