It's Official

All right. Here it goes.

*Deep Breath.* 

There is a new book in the works! 

This project focuses on the questions my latest dog trainer mentee, Zoe, asked while she shadowing me for five months. These are the stories I told her on long car rides to and from clients homes in an effort to teach her what they don't really teach in dog training school. In these stories are some of the more interesting cases, bizarre moments no one can be prepared for, hard lessons and ethical boundaries professional contractors face when they are given permission to go into someone's home. 

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The day the decision was made. Captain approves!

I'm really, really excited to be writing again. I invite you to all continue watching this space for the occasional blurb. 

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In case you're wondering, this is where we are in in the process.

If you see a post that is literally just smashing keys, it's a call for help. Bring coffee, and / or whiskey (depending on the time of day). 


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