Richard Juang, Attorney for...Dogs?

Well, not quite. But sort of. 

My dear friend Richard has been a long-time supporter of Muttstuff.
Perhaps the longest. 
He also happens to be a lawyer. 

He really rallied with  me last year during the Rocco case, and has always had a place in his very large heart for people who want to help animals and their humans.

The people who work with animals need a place to work with animals (like a rental unit). They need insurance. They need bonding. They need, for all intents and purposes, a lawyer who doesn't suck. I will say that I'm very lucky to know several awesome lawyers, but none are doing quite what Richard is seeking to do. 

When Richard said he was going to start exploring using his trade for good (including LGBT issues, non-profit and animal related industries) I couldn't have been happier or more proud. 

This is directly from Richard: 

"I'm able to provide nonprofits and small business with what I'm calling an organizational counsel package. Basically, I can provide many of the services of an in-house, on-staff attorney, without the overhead costs of having a full-time attorney on payroll.  

The Organizational Counsel Service can be found here:
A routine package could, for example, include all of the following:
Legal compliance review and oversight of putting fixes in place;
Review and application for relevant business licenses if needed;
Contract review and drafting;
Review of insurance coverage (no sane business person wants to read a 200 page insurance coverage contract!);
Review of compliance with employment laws;
Provision of anti-discrimination and anti-harassment training to staff and management;
Providing internal investigations, as needed.

 As you know, I have a special love of animals and animal-related groups and businesses and so I am happy to discuss a wide range of options that fit small organizations' budgets."

If you are a business owner who works in the animal industry, happen to be in the Boston area and would like to see what options are available to you, go to the website, call him directly 617-861-1401 or email rmjuang@juanglaw.com. Alternatively, you can touch base with me and I'll get you in touch directly.

I can't be more supportive of this! 


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