(Hopless) Beer Biscuits for Pups

A few weeks ago, the Husband and I brewed 2 batches of beer, and with it, we had about 2 1/2 pounds of grains that were used in the brew process that typically gets tossed out. Over the last 2 years, I had been using these grains to make dog cookies, use in baking (it's a great flavor to add to any baked goods for complexity in flavor!), but this time was special. I baked for 2 days making dog cookies for Som-Dog's second annual Pizza and Pints for Pups. Proceeds from the evening (including money spent at the restaurant and raffle!) are raised by the group to give back to the community in the form of events, education, and programs that encourage people to go out responsibly with their dogs. We also use the money to put towards education by teaching children how to say hi to dogs, what to do when there is a scary dog in the neighborhood, and how to tell someone that you don't want to say hi to their dog. It's a great group, and I'm happy to be a part of it, even in a small way.

Home-Made Beer Biscuits for the Som-Dog Event! 

I NEVER check my Facebook messages. I'm rather terrible at it. I also discovered that there is an "Other" inbox, which messages from people you don't know happen to appear. There were a couple messages from people who had dogs who loved the cookies, and who wanted to know how to get more. Two things:

1. I'm flattered, really!
2. I'm SO sorry I never got back to you all. (See disclaimer above)

If you happen to know of a person who brews at home, the recipe is easy. You can use some version of this recipe. (I've used pumpkin, yogurt and peanut butter, and other mixes. PB works best as it's clumpy and holds the cookies together, but if you like variety, there are other things you can do).

It should go without saying that the grains and hops are kept separate during the brew process, which is great because we only use the grains in making dog cookies. Hops, though great in beer, are toxic to dogs, so don't share the actual finished beer with Fido. Give them a Beer Biscuit instead.

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