Poisonous Plants

It's getting close to Valentines day - the holiday dedicated to chocolates and roses. What happens if your dog (or cat!) ends up digesting some of those beautiful floral arrangments? Do you know what plants around your house are safe for your pets?

Home Again (the Microchip company) has a great article on poisonous plants in this months e-newsletter, RIGHT HERE. They give phone numbers to call and information that will be important if your pet ingests one of these plants.

In the article is a short list of poisonous plants, but the ASPCA website has a comprehensive list of over 400 deadly flora - and many plants that are non-hazardous to our animals. You can search by plant name/type, or if a specific type of animal (dog, cat, horse) will likely have a reaction to a plant. For the complete list, click here for the ASPCA article.