Dog Friendly Job Search?

I don't know about you, but when I worked behind a desk, I often said "I wish Sadie could come with me to work." I got spoiled working in the animal hospital where she was allowed to say hi to clients and work the reception desk along side me. On my breaks, we could go on walks, play frisbee, and just generally have a good time before going back in.

When I worked a short stint at Northeastern University, I bemoaned the fact that my dog (and later, dogs) were left at home while The Boyfriend and I were at work for 9 hours a day (including commuting time). After several months, I noticed a woman came into work with her dog. From that day forward, Sadie came with me 2-3 times per week. I wish I had known I could take her to work for those months! Once I figured out that dogs in the university were not taboo, the days she came with me went by quicker, my breaks were really breaks (I wasn't thinking about work - I was playing with my dog and socializing around campus), and I didn't mind staying later since I didn't have to worry about her sitting at home by herself.

If you have ever considered bringing your four-legged friend to work with you, here are some places to start your job search!

DogFriendly.com: Lists dog friendly opportunities, searchable by state.

SimplyHired.com teams up with Dogster to bring humans a means of searching jobs by location AND by title

Unleashed.com has a great article on the top 5 companies of 2009 that were dog-friendly

And finally, if you work at a dog-friendly place, or know of a great place to work that allows dogs, document it at Dogster's Pet Friendly Jobs Bank. They are compiling an extensive list and will post the results when it's ready.

Did I miss any? If you know of other places to look, feel free to post them in the comments section and I will edit this post!