Dogfighting: Bigger than Vick

Back when Michael Vick was arraigned, and later convicted, of dog fighting charges, people involved with the dog fighting industry stayed low, waited out the headlines, and then went further underground. The dog fighting industry is much bigger than it was before, thanks in part to the internet and with most people focusing only on the NFL star. It's so well hidden, so protected, and so painfully tragic....

Dogfighting is MUCH bigger than Michael Vick

I for one, and this may come as a surprise, applaud the turn around of Michael Vick. I hate what he did - it literally made me ill after seeing the photographs of what he was responsible for. Inhumane treatment to humans or animals is 100% inexcusable. However, he has only one chance to be honestly remorseful for these grotesque crimes. He has a great opportunity and a greater responsibility, to be an ambassador for dogs. He has a heavy load on his shoulders, that he should carry without complaint, to educate young people about the dangers of dog fighting, the inhumanity of such a "sport", and to help the police in finding these underground dog fighting rings.

If Michael Vick was an unknown, no one would be discussing this evidently huge issue. Instead of looking back on his crimes, which he has paid his due in the prison system, he has a lot more to lose by screwing up. He has so much more to lose than gain, and I believe his remorse. But I believe ultimately this was an important event to get people discussing an issue, way bigger than Michael Vick. I hope that people continue discussing this serious issue, instead of focusing on "the famous guy who got caught".