Diarrhea in Dogs

Often, clients have to miss a puppy class due to an ill puppy. I'll often hear "his energy is good, but he's got the runs", or "she kept us up all night! What can it be?"

Puppies are especially susceptible to things that may upset their GI tract. A change of food or a treat that may have disagreed with your their normal eating routine may cause some diarrhea. Additionally, a dog that is stressed out for a prolonged amount of time can experience loose stool due to the chemical changes that occur when the body is stressed out. When you notice your pup is having some poo issues, start by offering a bland diet of BOILED chicken and BOILED rice. No fat, no additions, and certainly not their usual kibble and treats - just a bland diet, in small increments. If the puppy starts showing signs of improvement within the day, slowly add their kibble to the bland diet and viola! You're off to the races!

Alternatively, your pup may have a parasite or be suffering from an illness. If you see blood in the stool, diarrhea for more than one day, lethargy, weepy eyes, fever, dehydration, or any other symptoms that are cause for concern, call your veterinarian and bring a stool sample. Your vet will usually know within 24 hours if a parasite is the culprit.

If your pup is afflicted with another illness, it may take some time to diagnose. It's imperative that if you see diarrhea and ANY OTHER SYMPTOMS, take your pup to the vet, and don't forget the stool sample.