NPR on Genetically Enhancing the Dog

If you are at all interested in how dogs have evolved in the last 200 years, NPR had a fantastic article (and podcast) discussing how dogs have evolved with guns. Article and Podcast HERE

I'm working with a couple that have recently adopted a dog, and when they got their mutt genetically tested, she came back as part Duck Tolling Retriever. We've been really working on her jumping, her exuberance, and have been trying to harness her natural tendency to retrieve. But when I listened to this article, and they pointed out that the Duck Toller has a reputation of being the highest energy of all the retrievers, I just had to chuckle to myself. That explains EVERYTHING! I'm now going to buy this family a flock of Ducks for their little pup to have, all to herself. She can Duck Toll all the live long day!