Thanksgiving/Holiday Awareness and Pets:

Be mindful of table scraps and accidental ingestion during the Thanksgiving/Holiday seasons. For anything regarding swallowing and ingesting dangerous/poisonous substance (onions, tinsel, macadamia nuts, grapes, raisins, ibuprofen, etc), check out the ASPCA website for info. If you're not sure, check here:

Article #1

Article #2

Keep hydrogen peroxide on hand if your dog ingests anything deemed poisonous: Here are the instructions as to how to induce vomiting (and when!) for a dog that has ingested something potentially dangerous.

Always call your vet and let them know what's going on - but during the holidays, the vet may be closed and you will have to do this on your own! Call the vet when they are next open so you can have the receptionist or technician make a record of this in their file. Also, keep the number and location to the nearest 24 hour animal hospital (for us in MA, it's Mass Vet Referal Hospital - MVRH- in Woburn and Angell Memorial in Jamaica Plain).

Hopefully you won't need any of these techniques in the coming weeks, but it's good information to have in case of an emergency. Make yourself familiar with these techniques so you can recognize a serious issue as it arises. Learning about it during an emergency will make you a bit more panicked, and it's best to stay as calm as possible during a stressful event.