Racing Ban Passes

The dogs have it! Massachusetts, after several tries on ballots every four years, finally have done the right thing for dogs. The racing industry will be phased out of MA over the course of 2 years, and will be officially completed in 2010.

Thank you to all those that voted for the dogs, against cruelty, against 20 hours of confinement, against 1,000's of unnecessary euthanasia's, 1,000's of broken limbs, and for the dogs that have found happy retirement in loving homes. Every Grey deserves a chance, and I'm so happy to see this breed get it's due in the spotlight...in a positive way.

Having a Grey really opened my eyes to the unfair treatment of these loving creatures. He broke his leg, and has several scars from the track. He's three years old and his face is peppered in grey already from stress. I think it's time to give these dogs a home.

For those that are going to be losing their jobs in this economy, the bill phases racing out over 2 years. There is plenty of time to find new employment. I also have a gut feeling that something will emerge at the old Wonderland Track...maybe gambling, maybe an outdoor amusement park - who knows. Something impressive will arise here, and though change is never easy, it's important to set these precedences.