New Somerville On Leash Park

This Just In: New Dog Park - Leashed Dogs, Only

Dear Somerville Dog Owners and Friends of Somerville Dogs,

I am truly delighted to share the news of the grand opening of another new park that Somerville families may enjoy together with our leashed dogs.

Please join me and Strummer, Thursday afternoon, September 25, at the grand opening of the park at Somerville Junction at Centre St. and Woodbine St. from 3:30 to 5:00. Parking is available at the Cambridge Health Alliance parking lot (112A Central Street).

The new park at Somerville Junction will connect to the Community Path when the Path extends beyond Cedar Street. The park is equipped with a drinking fountain with a bowl for dogs. There is also a Dogipot pet waste removal station, funded by your donations to Somerville Unleashed, the City's fund for dog-friendly parks and open space!

Map of Centre Street and Woodbine Street (copy and paste entire URL in your web browser):


I love that more and more places in Somerville are becoming Dog Friendly. I'll keep you posted with any new places that open up!