Dog Central Article

This is a great article on dogs that are looking for homes, and why they were in the shelter to begin with.

Interesting- most dogs are in shelters because people don't realize the commitment they got themselves into by bringing a sentient being into their home, or the animal is given to a shelter- for being a dog and doing dog things.

It's really amazing to put into perspective all the things dogs have to do to live in the Human World. We ask them to not pee in the house, jump on our friends, not chew their bones on the sofa, snap when threatened, or chase things (like cars, bikes and joggers). We make them wear ridiculous things like sweaters (sorry Sadie) and booties (again, sorry, Sadie). Some for fashion, but many for utility because dogs weren't built to live in a concrete environment. Their pads tear, their fur sheds in the apartment...so we clip them down to live in our world.

And as a consequence, many dogs (and cats!) are sitting in a shelter waiting for their new person to give them another chance at being part of a human pack.