Fox 25 Morning News & Guapo

Hey all,

2 weeks ago, your editor-in-chief, Sadie, was featured on the Fox 25 Morning News. Permalink on the right sidebar,(or, you can just click right here for the clip) but I wanted to post something that one of my clients sent:

"How funny is this?

I DVR'd your TV appearance this morning. When I played it tonight, Guapo was laying on the floor minding his own business. After a while he started looking around the room with a confused look on his face. It took me a second, but I realized that he was trying to figure out where your voice was coming from! He figured out that it was coming from the TV, and he stood there watching the segment. My camera was right on the coffee table, so I grabbed it and tried to get a couple shots. When they showed the close-up of Sadie, he stood on his hind legs to try and get a close-up view. I had just taken the previous shot, so my camera didn't quite recharge fast enough to catch it. You can see in the 2nd pic how he is "landing" from being on his hind legs. I kept rewinding the DVR, and he watched the segment about 2 full times before shifting his attention back to his tennis ball.

As you can imagine, I was cracking up the whole time."

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